Freeze drying for responsible food production


Mind the food – Freeze drying for responsible food production

The food industry is increasingly focused on reducing waste, increasing shelf-life, and creating food that tastes, smells, and looks great. In this webinar, we show how freeze drying can help meet all these demands.

Dive into the world of responsible food production and the possibilities freeze drying presents to an ever-changing market. Join us on Wednesday, December 9th at 09:00am CET / 03:00am EST to learn more about freeze drying and quiz the experts on use cases, advantages, and applications. At this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Learn how freeze drying works
  • See the applications and benefits of freeze drying
  • Gain insights into evaluating the potential of freeze drying 
  • Challenge our experts with your questions 

The webinar lasts 45 minutes, including Q&A sessions.

We are hosting two identical sessions. Sign up here for the 5:00pm CET / 11:00am EST session 

Meet the experts:

Morten Woldsted Pedersen

Area Sales Manager, GEA Process Engineering

Steen Lassen

Product Manager, GEA Process Engineering