7 Ways to Improve Your Vertical Bagging Efficiency


Developing technologies surround each of us in our everyday lives. From smartphones and smart cars, to remote working environments and video conferencing, these new technologies provide us with benefits and advantages we would not have imagined a short time ago. During this webinar, we’ll explore seven key technologies that work to improve operational efficiencies in vertical packaging. 

Watch on-demand and you’ll learn about:

  • High-pressure sealing systems
  • Sanitary design upgrades with stainless-steel surface treatment
  • RFID technology
  • Real time performance measurement
  • Product-in-seal detection
  • Remote technical support
  • Ultrasonic sealing technology


John Daley – Product Manager, Vertical Form Fill Seal, GEA North America


Steve McGady – Sales Director, Slicing & Packaging, GEA North America

Webinar duration: 50 minutes