CO2 Reduction and Carbon Capture


There are two fundamental parts to becoming a carbon-neutral industry: 1. Reducing the amount of energy used and 2. removing the emitted CO2 from the atmosphere.

GEA`s emission control and carbon capture solutions contribute to a multi-pronged CO2 abatement approach and support a circular carbon economy. As an established global leader in the development, design and installation of emission control systems and technologies for customers in key process industries, GEA has more than a century of expertise.

During this session you will:

  • Get an insight into the various emission control options in reducing carbon footprint
  • Learn more about the challenges and our proposed solutions to each challenge
  • Discover why GEA is the right partner to implement CO2 reduction solutions
  • Get the opportunity to quiz our experts  

The Webinar lasts 25 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.

We will be hosting this webinar on two different time slots.
Sign here for the 09:00 a.m. CET / 03:00 a.m. EST session.  


Meet the experts:

Felix Ortloff

Senior Director Scrubber Systems , GEA Wiegand

“We see three options for CO2 separation, namely the carbonates, the ammonia and the amines, but nowadays, more common is the use of amines for CO2 separation.”

Daniel Loerwald

Senior Sales & Process Engineer , GEA Bischoff

“By installing a waste heat recovery system, we could demonstrate to save up to 3,200 tons of CO2 per year”.

Norbert Strieder

Head of Marketing BL Chemical Technologies

“You create the Chemistry, we make it a reality.”