Electromagnetic Waves – A precise way to measure product level of frozenness (LOF)


When freezing food products, achieving the right balance of product retention time and freezer temperature is key to optimizing capacity, and reducing utility costs. Conventional methods for measuring product level of frozenness (LOF) are still manual and do not provide an accurate picture. 

Electromagnetic waves are ideally suited for continuous and contactless frozen condition measurement. Applied at the end of the freezer line, a measurement of wave transmission indicates the LOF in the product. Automated adjustments to line speed, fan speed and refrigeration evaporating temperature can then be implemented to optimize the process and continuously maintain product frozen condition according to target.

During this on-demand webinar we will review:

  • Physical phenomena involved during freezing
  • How electromagnetic waves can be used to measure LOF, continuously and without contact
  • Economic benefits of freezing product at exactly the correct LOF
  • Case studies in a frozen French fry plant and a frozen processed meat facility  


Mathieu Nouhin, Product Manager - Freezing 


Bruce Killinger, Sales Director - North America

Webinar duration: 60 minutes