Fully automated in-line food processing


GEA reveals how you can fully automate your production process. From loading of ingredients to freezing and packaging. With this unique and brand-new solution, you can turn your batch preparation process into an in-inline process. GEA Batch2Flow is the missing link between mixing and forming, and helps you to reduce manual labor, minimize food waste and lowers emissions while ensuring full process control.

Learn from the experts of modern automated processing technology:

  • How to maximize efficiency at minimum risks
  • How to reduce operating costs and carbon footprint
  • How to control target parameters throughout the line
  • How to reduce hygiene risks in your plant

Interesting for:

Food processors with a portfolio in poultry and plant-based alternatives


R&D managers, production managers, plant managers, quality managers, brand owners


Thursday November 3

10:00-11:00 AM EDT / 03:00-04:00 PM CET


1-hour live session including Q&A 

Speakers from GEA Food Solutions:

  • Luuc van Lankveld - Expert Product Management
  • Bart Leenders - Product Expert 
  • Mira Arts - Head of Marketing (moderator)