GEA Aquarius BunchWrapper: The original. Even better! | 16:00 CET

November 12, 2020 04:00 PM Europe/Amsterdam

GEA Aquarius Bunchwrapper
The Original, even better!

The key to perfect your lollipop production process when frequently changing to another format is to make sure it goes fast and smooth, with simplicity in how to change over to another format for your operators. Over 20 years our BunchWrapper series fills the need for high speed wrapping of your lollipops. Never losing sight on our customers demand for efficient and reliable high-speed machinery. 

With the latest optimization it’s perfectly fit to optimize your wrapping output further when frequently changing over. 

Learn more about how to achieve this ultimate output without compromise, resulting in extra sales volume for your other diameter lollipops you wrap.

Patrick Bisschops

Segment Sales Manager, GEA Food Solutions Weert

Kees Le Loux

Segment Sales Manager, GEA Food Solutions Weert

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