Give your frying oil a long and healthy life | 11:00 CEST

September 16, 2021 11:00 AM Europe/Amsterdam

Maintain consistent oil quality and food processing standards, from morning to night

During the frying process of chicken nuggets, fish sticks, burgers or veggie foods, good oil management is an essential element to the quality of the end product. It will influence the food appearance, food safety and its nutritional characteristics. Frying oil by itself is a complex and expensive commodity - managing it well on an industrial scale will result in less waste, more consistency and substantial savings on production costs. 

GEA Food Solutions and Oberlin Filter Company are glad to share their process and equipment know-how with food processing companies around the world.

Join our free-of-charge webinar and discover how you can eliminate oil waste and maintain consistent quality standards of your fried foods, day in day out. Learn the key aspects of efficient oil management and filtration, we will highlight:

  • Oil composition, oil choices and the causes of deterioration
  • The effects of oil deterioration and how to prevent them
  • The role of oil management – fryers, filters and storage tanks
  • Daily oil care
  • Hot oil filtration for clean oil & dry filtered solids 
  • Going for gold

Who should attend:

R&D, process and production managers from food companies for fish, poultry, meat-alternative, vegetarian and vegetable applications.

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