Hybrid melt crystallization


Organic chemicals are typically either produced via reactions or extracted from various sources as a mixture of many components. To improve downstream functionality of the desired chemical, feedstock purification is required.

Separation of the various mixtures can be achieved using Distillation -often with good results, but when the relative volatility of isomers is close, it becomes impossible to separate them via distillation. Other considerations regarding distillation include its high energy costs and its negative impact on product quality.

Crystallization is a single step separation process where the targeted chemical becomes unique from all others in solution. The result is a crystal containing only the desired product, which when separated from the remaining liquid, can reach ultra-high purities (more than 99.999wt%). A system that combines distillation and crystallization can often reduce operational costs and improve purity and recovery.

During this webinar you will:

  • Review the basic principles of distillation and crystallization
  • Learn about the differences between distillation and crystallization
  • Find out the advantages of a combined process
  • Come in touch with real life application examples such as: 
  • purification of p-dichlorobenzene, 4,4´ methylenedisocyanante and monochloroacetic acid.
  • Get the chance to quiz our experts

The Webinar lasts 25 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.

We will be hosting this webinar on two different time slots.
Sign here for the 09:00 a.m. CET / 03:00 a.m. EST session.  


Meet the experts:

Ray Ruemekorf

Senior Sales Manager – Melt Crystallization, GEA Niro PT

“GEA has specific know-how for the purification of many other products with either distillation or melt crystallization alone but these two are presented as specific hybrid applications where we combine the two.”

Eckard Maedebach

Product Manager – Distillation, GEA Wiegand

"The final choice of a distillation unit depends on experience with specific products."

Jan van Esch

Product Manager – Melt Crystallization, GEA Niro PT

“MDI, can be purified by with distillation alone but there are other conditions that make a hybrid system more efficient.”

Norbert Strieder

Head of Marketing BL Chemical Technologies

“You create the Chemistry, we make it a reality.”