Inject value into your brining process | 16:00 CET

September 16, 2020

How to master perfect brine distribution and retention with GEA 2mm injection

Marinated meat is probably the first ‘processed’ food ever. Salted beef and cured hams have been on the menu for centuries. Today’s industrial processes for marinating meat however, are anything but old fashioned. Injecting poultry, meat or fish offers more than just increased shelf life, it helps enhance flavor, color, juiciness and bite and moreover it is essential for keeping the food processor’s yield on par. 

Key to achieving these benefits revolves almost entirely around two core facets: accurate brine distribution and the subsequent retention of that brine.

Join this webinar session and learn how to:

  • Achieve low standard deviation and maximum profitability in injection
  • Avoid clogged and bent needles and optimize injection pattern
  • Use innovative injection techniques to perfect brine uptake and even brine distribution.
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