Innovations in coating | 17:00 CEST / 11:00am EDT

September 30, 2021 05:00 PM Europe/Amsterdam

Helping you serve a healthier, future-proof lifestyle

Food coatings are a nice way to bring convenience to the end consumer and to influence key product attributes like color, texture, flavor and surface appearance. These attributes will remain key but the continuously evolving market needs, stress the importance of the nutritional quality.

Griffith foods - a global product development partner, specialized in high-quality food ingredients - and GEA Food solutions - leading food processing equipment manufacturer - would like to share with you how coatings and increased nutritional quality can go hand in hand.

Learn more about:

  • Key attributes of coating
  • How to influence the nutritional quality of your food product with the latest coating systems
  • Innovative coating types and layers and how to apply them on an industrial scale
  • New insights on tempura production
  • Coating challenges with vegetarian and plant-based substrates and how to address these

Who should attend:

R&D, process and marketing managers from food companies for fish, poultry, meat-alternative, vegetarian and vegetable applications.


  • Mira Arts – Director Marketing at GEA Food Solutions (moderator)
  • Paulien Berrens - Innovation Technologist Europe at Griffith
  • Bartel Pyckhout - R&D Manager Coatings & Functional Solutions at Griffith
  • Tim Pessers – Technology Center Manager at GEA
  • Luuc van Lankveld – Product Specialist at GEA

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