More Kilowatts per Euro - GEA Compressors at improved top speeds


GEA has increased the maximum top speeds for several of its reciprocating and screw compressors. The reciprocating compressor models GEA Grasso V 700, V 1100, V 1400, and V 1800, formerly at maximum speed of 1,200 rpm, can now be operated with NH3 up to 1,500 rpm. For GEA Grasso LT screw compressor types R, S, and T the allowable speed for NH3 has increased from previous maximum 3,600 rpm to 4,500 rpm.

All the respective compressors have undergone diligent testing, some of them have been integrated in packaged GEA components and have been running successfully in the field for a decade now.

The speed increase provides clients with a significant increase in capacity. Because of the proportional correlation of compressor speed, swept volume and resulting capacity, 25% more capacity can now be gained using the same models. That returns a significant improvement (reduction) of the relative price in Kilowatts per Euro. Alternatively, users with a specific, fixed capacity requirement can benefit from the higher speeds by allowing them to achieve the capacity demands with smaller compressor equipment meaning less investment and lower servicing costs. 

For screw compressors, higher speeds widens the speed and regulation range, positively affecting part-load efficiency. Depending on the load profile, significant savings in energy costs and CO2 emissions can be achieved. These savings, with the added benefit of a smaller footprint, contribute to achieving the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership..

Thomas Lergenmüller

Product Management & Development Packaged Components, GEA

Pieter Makkinga

Product Management Reciprocating Compressors & Packages, GEA