Pet Food Technology Day

October 26, 2021 03:00 PM Europe/Rome

GEA is organizing the first online event dedicated entirely to the world of pet food. A series of presentations during which we will explore in detail topics related to process technology, product features and new trends in the pet food market.
The pet food market is growing fast, don't get left behind, attend GEA Pet Food Technology Day.

The event will be completely online and will be divided into 10 thematic presentations dedicated to specific topics related to pet food: from process technology to the fundamental qualities of finished products and up to the new market trends.

During the event there will also be some special guests who will present their solutions in beverages, wearables and aromas applied to the world of pets.

Through the participation of guests and experts in the field we will take a snapshot of the state of the art of pet food in 2021.

Official program:

  • 15:00 (UTC+2)
    Welcome and event introduction
  • 15:10 (UTC+2)
    Flexible extrusion: Managing a variety of products and recipes ​in dry pet food extrusion
    Klaus-Rudolf Raths (Head of pet food business development, GEA Group)
  • 15:35 (UTC+2)
    Treats and semi-moist products: how moisture is no longer a problem for shelf life
    Vanni Antonello (Technical Pet food product manager, GEA Group)
  • 16:00 (UTC+2)
    PAWSE - Beer for dogs
    Raffaella Da Pian (Da Pian 1904)
  • 16:10 (UTC+2)
    Kibbles, Healthiness and Palatability: The influence of the Extrusion Process on Digestibility and Texture
    Marina Sgarbossa (Analytical Laboratory Technician, GEA Group)
  • 16:35 (UTC+2)
    Snacks for Pet - Properties and technologies applied to the production of pillows
    Vanni Antonello (Technical Pet food product manager, GEA Group)
  • 17:00 (UTC+2)
    Kippy: The gps tracker with activity monitor for cats and dogs
    Marco Brunetti (Co-founder Kippy)
  • 17:10 (UTC+2)
    Hygienic Design: ​Rules for the design and washing of food production machines
    Simone Bertoncello (Project Manager, GEA Group)
  • 17:35 (UTC+2)
    Automation solutions for Pet Food processing lines
    Christian Sartore (Software Engineer, GEA group)
  • 18:00 (UTC+2)
    Dry Kibble stabilization with Natural Antioxidant: Best practices
    Cristina Murcia Garcia (Technical Service Manager for Antioxidants, Kemin Nutrisurance Europe)
  • 18:10 (UTC+2)
    Innovative recipes and market trends in dry pet food
    Davide Galaverna Davide Galaverna (Pet nutritionist)
  • 18:35 (UTC+2)
    Wrap up and conclusion

The event will be recorded and available to all subscribers after the conclusion.


Klaus-Rudolf Raths

Head of FHT Strategy & Business Development, GEA