Smart heat pump solutions


Critical climate conditions have intensified the focus on emission reductions, energy efficiency and decarbonization. Considering that 96% of thermal energy demand goes to provide process, space and district heating and is predominantly based on fossil fuel combustion, the dramatic potential of efficient and environment-friendly heat pumps is obvious.

GEA provides an array of industrial equipment for heat pumps applications and is one of the very few OEM’s offering complete heat pump solutions fully configured and factory tested. Whether it is the wide range of heat pump compressor or compressor units, completely standardized to customized heat pumps, or the new chiller-heat pump combination – GEA customers can rely on a perfect solution for nearly all temperature and capacity requirements.

GEA heat pumps and heat pump equipment are based on well-established and proven components. Additionally, nearly two decades of heat pump experience have been incorporated to offer efficient, reliable and risk-free products. Yet every project is configured diligently to ensure an optimized solution for each individual application. 

GEA heat pumps use ammonia as a refrigerant. Its high volumetric efficiency, and zero global warming potential, make ammonia a logical choice for an environment-friendly, future-proof and efficient installation. Environmental protection and sustainable plants are important concerns for both, GEA and its customers. GEA’s heat pump solutions have helped satisfy those needs for many years and will continue to do so in the future. 

Thomas Lergenmüller

Product Management & Development Packaged Components, GEA Refrigeration Technologies