Sustainable Pasta Packaging: trends and technological solutions


The pasta market and the food industry need quick and concrete solutions to provide products that have a reduced environmental impact to meet market demands and satisfy final consumers. 

The need for new systems and technologies that allow to reduce environmental footprint is a trend that is playing an important role in decision making, both for producers and consumers. Using an environment friendly packaging can reduce single-use plastic waste and it is considered a fundamental step for the food industry.

During this webinar we will:

  • define the essential characteristics of sustainable packaging;
  • find out which are the alternative films to plastic ones;
  • present GEA’s technological innovations in the packaging market;
  • present a new packaging machine born and designed for paper packaging.

Matteo Piroddi

Sales Area Manager - GEA Stiavelli, GEA Group

Filippo Biasia

Sales Director, Lineapack