Unfreeze your Assets – How to Use Steam Under Vacuum to Defrost Meat


During recent months, the need to bring frozen product into the production line has become more necessary than ever. Using frozen raw material for processed meat and poultry products requires a quick and efficient process that doesn’t decrease the value of the thawed product. Fast defrosting using steam under vacuum does the job. 

This on-demand webinar will provide you with an understanding of this process. You’ll find out why steam is the ideal medium for thermal energy transfer when it’s under vacuum. And learn why the quality of the steam-defrosted product exceeds that of more traditional defrosting methods, like tempering chambers or product immersed in water.  


Henrik Thrysoe, Product Manager – Marination, North America
Bjarne Lyngo, Product Manager – Marination, Western Europe

Webinar duration: 50 minutes