Vibratory conveying equipment for the food & snacks industry

October 28, 2020 09:00 AM Europe/Copenhagen

Vibratory equipment for the food & snacks industry

How you convey ingredients between processes and products into packaging impacts end-product quality, food safety, efficiency and the total cost of ownership of your plant. This webinar details the latest thinking in vibratory conveying options and showcases solutions our other customers have deployed to tackle frozen, warm, greasy and/or fragile ingredients and products.

Please join us on 28 October to discover more about conveying solutions for food and snacks. 

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn how we create conveying solutions that protect your product
  • Gain insights into the applications and benefits of vibration technology 
  • Learn from existing customer case studies
  • Get the opportunity to quiz our experts

This webinar will have German subtitles. Questions in German language are welcome during the Q&A session.

The duration of the webinar is 45 minutes including Q&A's.

All registered attendees will be able to access a recording of the presentation after the event, so don’t worry if you can’t make the live webinar, as you can still benefit from the session in your own time. 

Kasper Ege Scharff

Product Manager – Vibration Technology, GEA Scan-Vibro

Poul Vadstrup

Head of Sales – Vibration Technology, GEA Scan-Vibro

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