WINGS360° - How to make your wings production fly!


WINGS360° - How to make your wings production fly!

Starting as a leftover, chicken wings have become a popular classic treat.
Over the past 50 years, the variety has become endless…so did the production methods.

Learn about the different processing technologies, that offer you the possibility to create wings in the flavors that you like. And maybe more important, how the combination of some technologies can make the difference for you.

During the webinar we will touch upon:

  • Defrosting without drip loss
  • Optimized brine retention for marinated fresh wings
  • Creating consistent homestyle coated wings
  • Roasting without compromise on yield 
  • Diversify your portfolio with in-line smoked wings
  • Perfecting the coated wings - juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside
  • How to secure the quality of your liquid gold for fried wings

And learn from a case study of the combined technologies.

Luuc van Lankveld

Product Specialist, GEA Food Solutions

Mira Arts

Marketing Director, GEA Food Solutions